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by Macy Johnson

Normandy park — My dad was helping me up into the big truck that all our belongings were in when I said, “Daddy, can we give the house a hug just one more time?” He nodded and took my hand as we walked up to our house. I placed my tiny hand on the outside of our beloved home and whispered thanks one more time. A few more minutes later my blonde hair was whipping around in the wind, knowing that the only thing tha...

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Friends, university of Washington

Friends Matter

by Macy Johnson

Normandy park — There is a quote that says, “Friends buy you a lunch. Best friends eat your lunch.” And I thought this related to my lunch life, because when some one at our table doesn’t have a lunch (or ate it all ...

hairspray, science fair

Hairspray Bananza

by Macy Johnson

Normandy park — Last year, in 5th grade, we had to do a project for something called the “Science Fair”. We each chose a topic and went through the whole science deal (which I won’t get into, because I hate science),...

Beach, Family, Friends

My Cove

by Macy Johnson

Normandy park — I love The Cove. We come here for baseball parties, family barbecues, and the 4th of July. I love this beautiful place where the waves crash on the shore and the stream runs peacefully through the woo...

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