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Getting to know a new story collection: it all starts in the bedroom.

by Trevor Dodge

Oregon city — Last year, while I finalized edits on The Laws of Average (my soon-to-be-released second collection of short fiction), I found myself tripping over stems and stubs of new pieces that I’m now trying to corral into a third collection. I don’t tend to see or experience story collections as linear structures, so for me one of the most difficult parts of this process is trying to organize a cluster of ...

First sketch, Being excited, Happy

Hi, I'm new. Feel free to show me around! I'd be happy to be of service to anyone here, if possible.

by Logan Dark

Oregon city — Hello! I’m a non-professional web developer with my own website. I’d be happy to do web design work, logos, and programming in Processing, Lua, HTML, and CSS. I’m not very good with JavaScript yet I’v...


And Stones

by Trevor Dodge

Oregon city — We left home, married, had children of our own, found the seeds of meanness blooming also within us. -George Saunders, “Sticks” When we’d go back home to visit, the seeds sprouted even though nothin...


I think this image just about explains it all.

by Logan Dark

Oregon city — To be honest, I created this image a long time ago, and posted it on Facebook first. But I’d like to share it with the Hi community, because I think it explains most geometric fonts. -LoganDark

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