Stories in Pasadena

Gun Control, Liberalisation

I can not take this liberalisation of the USA. Write of why gun control is bad

by Leif Hogue

Pasadena — Those who beleive in gun control are unknowingly undermining their own rights and those of the nation we live in. The second amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states that t...

Life, college

[where did you go?]

by Grace Cha

Pasadena — I took this picture of my best friend, Ashley, this past weekend. She randomly decided to sit here since it was the only shady place from the hot, Sunday afternoon heat. I thought it was pretty hila...

gardens, Japanese


by David Wade Chambers

Pasadena — Japanese gardens are one of the things I like best about California. Of course, they’re never fully Japanese, but the two cultures seem to sit well together in this endeavour.

Mother Nature

These continuous earthquakes are really starting to freak me out.

by Elle Sol

Pasadena — Either California is finally starting to break off the mainland to become its own island, or this is just a really good viral marketing campaign.

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