Stories in Petaluma

Books on Tables


by Cassie Marketos

Petaluma — I’ve been home for four days, but my body still begins to rise every evening around 10 PM, preparing its energies for a day that is not coming. It’s a thirteen hour time difference between here and Bo...


In Gabrovo

by Cassie Marketos

Petaluma — “The only tangible data that remain from my actual journey are two tattered maps and a thin pencil line marking my itinerary, punctuated by a crossbar for every overnight sojourn … Perhaps the...

Landing gear.

by Cassie Marketos

Petaluma — I have luck with just one thing in life, but it’s a big thing: planes. As in, I’m always, somehow, against all odds, managing to get on them. Let me explain. My Mom is a flight attendant and one of t...

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