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Travel, drinking, Character Studies

There are a few perfect bartenders in this world, each one unlike the others.

by Jacob Nadal

Philadelphia — In this case, unlike any other at all. His affect was particular. Adrift, spaced-cadet, attuned to some ethereal broadcast unheard by the rest of us all; I do not know. His eyes were a light enough shade of blue to look astonished, his bartender blacks recently retrieved from what I would guess to be a fairly well-strewn apartment floor, and his dark hair was wet down in a way that suggested a rap...


by Daniel Chow

Philadelphia — Final Days of Summer. Underneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. No shelter from the hot afternoon sun. Parched. At least the occasional breeze brought some relief. The river kindly offered, “I’ve water...

Art, photography, painting

oh thou great white wall! how many ways may my eyes gaze upon thee?

by Daniel Chow

Philadelphia — at least 9 ways.

running, marathon

There is such power in these legs of mine.

by Sara Ashley

Philadelphia — There is such power in these legs of mine. I feel it course through the muscles, pulse along the tendons. It is momentous, this power, its motion always forward, always upward. I feel it hum down the ...

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