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by Taylor Davidson

Pittsburgh — A picture is more of a reflection of the photographer than a reflection of the scene. Why? I’ve long said that photographs are slivers of reality, that outside the single frame of an image lies a much more complex scene. And it’s the photographer’s choice, by composition and timing, in what they choose to show and choose to hide. Interesting photos challenge us to think outside the single image,...


When Pittsburgh Became New York

by Mike Howie

Pittsburgh — A few weeks ago, on May 24th, I started working a temp job at Pitt. That evening I went to the movies with my girlfriend, and found myself in line behind Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried, app...

photography, Babies, Cuteness

And just like that, my passion for photography is revived.

by Mike Howie

Pittsburgh — Since the first time I picked up a camera I’ve gone through periods of being in love with the art and periods of not caring about it very much at all. At one time I considered majoring in photography ...

Sports, Baseball, Pirates

Taking In A Ball Game

by Dallas Sanders

Pittsburgh — In everything I have read, the best experience at PNC Park is to walk to the park and that is what I wanted to do. It is why I wanted to be at a hotel in the downtown area. It is kind of what I wanted...

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