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Rain, childhood, Memories

A childhood memory

by Laura Vivas

Prescott — I grew up on a farm in the mountainous region of Putumayo, Colombia. I remember sitting outside on the veranda watching the rain pour. I remember the smell of wet grass and soil. There was a slight breeze that rushed past me as if I were invisible. I could hear the tapping of the water above me, it was so loud that it almost resembled hail on a tin roof. I watched the gutter go from trickling wate...

Life, Philosophy, Early Mornings

Early risers

by Laura Vivas

Prescott — I love seeing people walking about in the early morning. It’s 6AM and there they are already out. You see the business man in his navy suit, leather shoes and briefcase rushing to work. You see the wo...

Love, past

I keep thinking about what could have been. 

by Laura Vivas

Prescott — Sometimes you meet someone and it’s clear that on some level the two of you belong together but at the same time you’re just not meant to be. Love is such a paradox sometimes. Leading us to believe on...

Kindness, Thankyou, Goodbye

Meaningful last words...

by Laura Vivas

Prescott — Today I was reminded of this sites closing and I felt as though I should thank all of you who have taken time out of your busy lives to read my thoughts. I am forever grateful because this writing com...

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