Stories in Sanford

Dear Future People

Hello Hi!

by james shover

Sanford — Hello, people of future and perhaps past (also present). I am writing this as a message to the future and whoever sees this for whatever reason. I see it as my civic duty to be messenger of past probl...

The polka band at Hollerbach's is playing "She's Too Fat for Me."

by Laura S

Sanford — My dad had this song on a record. An LP, genuine vinyl, Frankie Yankovic singing about barrels of beer and fat girls. Whoever she was, she must have been really pissed at this song.

Ladybird lunch buggy buddy

by Laura S

Sanford — I can’t say that three times, fast. She meandered around the tabletop grid while I ate salad and thought of ladybirds catching aphids on luscious lettuce. Was she hoping there were a few leftovers fo...

Teensy spiders shelter in the wheel well of my car.

by Laura S

Sanford — Did they just hatch? They weren’t there after lunch… On a rainy Florida afternoon, you’re glad for any storm-haven. Even if it may smell of asphalt.

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