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Love the retro feel of this typeface, a simple elegance!

by Lily Grujicic

Strongsville — My first post here - thanks for ‘extending’ the moment! Career interests in media and mass communication - exploring various tools in new media publishing. Discovered your site with @Medium post. Checked email, found invite, and here I am! Just prior explored N3TWORKco, great site for visual, mobile, sharing. Then discovered this sharing tool, with simple elegance and a vintage feel, powered w...

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Free time meant something entirely different, in internet-free times. If you had a moment to enjoy, or tasks to complete, your focus was solely there - without thoughts of integration ...

by Lily Grujicic

Strongsville — … With an ‘augmented’ self. ‘Me’ was internal, rather than thoughts of (sharing with) ‘My’ …


Happy 2014! Had nice conversation with team member of new web co. Discussion of user experience, input on features, etc. Wish I could have taken up offer to meet for

by Lily Grujicic

Strongsville — …coffee in San Fran. Would love to freelance/contract, if opportunity available. Wonderful to chat w/like-minded techies!


You know the type of person, who you thought could only exist as a character on a soap opera (or in this era, maybe on reality TV)? Until ...

by Lily Grujicic

Strongsville — …you’re the recipient of their warped behavior, and wonder what just hit you. Then you know, you just KNOW, you won’t let it happen ever again. Because you can’t ever expose yourself to such debris,...

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