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moving, Cross-Country Adventure

#1 We're relocating to Seattle, taking 3 weeks to drive there. Seeing the country is almost as exciting as the destination itself.

by Pamela Drouin

Tampa — Our journey begins at the end of May, when we pile ourselves into the van above. While this particular picture is from a camping trip last year, it serves as a visual of what we’re traveling in: the camper van we designed ourselves through roughly 3 years of research and iteration. In the few weeks leading up to our departure, we’re selling what we can, packing what we want to keep, and getting ...


We went to see what we could see. And were crushed by beauty.

by Michael Dechane

Tampa — One of the best parts of returning to my childhood home more than 20 years after leaving it as a young teenager is the chance to explore it now with eyes and a heart that love beauty in ways I was onl...

Cross-Country Adventure, moving

#3 We've managed to fit two lives in one cube as we ready ourselves for our massive trek.

by Pamela Drouin

Tampa — Alright. All out stuff is packed in this crazy cube that’s going to reach Seattle before we will. We have been taking care of the tangled ends that must be tied, saying goodbye to our loved ones. We’r...

friendship, Rivers

We stretched our friendship by another day. The gators stretched themselves wherever they wanted.

by Michael Dechane

Tampa — It really must have been cold everywhere except Florida for the last few months… Every relative and almost every friend I have has visited the Sunshine State (and our apartment) in the last three we...

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