Stories in Tempe

Experiments, In the lab

A profound misinterpretation of lab instructions

by Michael

Tempe — “Reduce the roll of the object” is what Patrick tells me to do - he’s using me to test the brain’s ability to adapt to uneven weight. I’m a little lost in my head, of course, so What I hear is “reduce...

music, Culture, House Show

Baptized in the sweat of my peers

by Michael

Tempe — I spend my days searching for meaning and my nights finding it. I’ve never held much to a particular religion but that doesn’t mean I’m not without faith; I place my belief in the people I surround my...


First signs of recovery

by Michael

Tempe — Almost a full week without you now and I don’t feel completely alone anymore. I got out of bed today and I might be capable of eating again. I carry your name with me always.

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