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A Haunting

by Richard Leis

Tucson — Informed by my education and reading, I have abandoned the fallacy of the so-called “Great Chain of Being.” Humans, for all our uniqueness and impact, do not command over all the other lifeforms on this planet a hierarchically-derived position, divine or otherwise. There are spectrums of capability and characteristics between all the forms, overlapping in jumbles, resulting in something that is mu...

Tucson, Prose

Stopping Past the Park

by John Pull

Tucson — The composition isn’t quite right. I tell myself, “You really ought to rotate counter-clockwise a couple degrees, then re-sketch.” But I’m back in DC now, my four-night Thanksgiving holiday in Tucso...

Location: Endeavour Crater in Meridiani Planum on Mars. Subject: Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Eyes in the Sky: HiRISE Camera

by Richard Leis

Tucson — The strange speck outlined above sits on the surface of Mars in this false color image acquired on July 8th, 2013. It is the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, launched ten years ago, landing over ni...

Preparando para la tercera adventura.

by Ryan Lane

Tucson — Zach and I shouldered our bags into the Tucson Tufesa station and stepped into the other sphere. We fell on chairs as Mexican voices flowed to our ears from the TV on the wall. Zach listened with atte...

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