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It's messy.

by Jenna Milliken

Wilmington — Life. What a clean and simple word. So easy, someone from another country speaking another foreign language could learn it with a few tries. Oh however, if we were to really look into it, past the literal definition of course, it is anything but clean and simple. I feel as if people feel as if their problems, their daily life struggles and burdens that weigh on their shoulders, continue to keep ...

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That morning air.

by Jenna Milliken

Wilmington — It was only 8:35 a.m. The morning was new, the air was crisp, and she was ready for her real cup of coffee. Her and her dog sat out on the screened porch that faced her backyard. This was their favori...

Creative writing, A Supposedly Fun Thing

The first night.

by Jenna Milliken

Wilmington — The next night. 11:15 p.m. She walked in but nobody noticed. She had bumped into someone on her way to put her stuff up who didn’t grant her the slightest acknowledgment; even though she’s sure she ...

Just love, Love Writing

She knew he was listening, but she also knew he was loving the chance to look in her eyes.

by Jenna Milliken

Wilmington — He was known to travel but her eyes took him places he had never experienced; and after the first trip, he never wanted to let go. He wanted her. Sometimes he would find himself staring, looking for a...

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