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Saigon, Job Hunt

Just come back! My 2nd day at Saigon

by Tram Ngo

Ho chi minh city — Finally I am here again in Saigon after nearly 2-month vacation. Good time with my family make me just don’t want to come back to this crowded city. Anyway, I have relaxed enough. Going to graduate so...


The paper may have faded, but 500 years on — half a millennium! — and these woodcuts, are as charming, witty, and beautiful as ever.

by John Boardley

Ho chi minh city — Writing as archaeology: The most enjoyable and profound (and I never use that word lightly) part of writing a monograph on someone who died 500 years ago is the discovery of scattered bones and their ...

Cover for Codex #3. Now for Epson proofs and then files to the new printer in Barcelona. Both exhilarating and terrifying — as always.

by John Boardley

Ho chi minh city — These days I can hardly type a single sentence without a typo! Arghh!

Almost completed proofreading issue 3 of Codex. It is a fantastic issue. For sure the best a idex yet. Very proud of the Codex team and the extended ‘family’ of authors and contributors.

by John Boardley

Ho chi minh city — And ironic (?) that I should publish that sketch with typos. Time to avert my gaze from printed proofs and pixel approximations. Kind of wishing I still smoked.

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