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The Boat to Mykonos

by Carla D

Mikonos — It was a slow, boring trip. Sailing across the Aegean to a fabled Greek isle as the last breath of summer blew sounded more romantic than it actually was: a battle for a seats amongst hundreds of roller-wheeled-luggage-trailing passengers, awful pre-processed-frappe iced coffee served by disgruntled (and slightly racist) bar tenders, cigarette-burn-stained velour upholstery (in ugly colours), gen...

gardens, Auburn, A Supposedly Fun Thing

about a decade in the waiting

by Alan Wen

Auburn — I should have done this a few days ago tbh. Yea so, finally took the family to the Japanese Gardens again. It’s been a while. $4 per person though. The family kept claiming it was free when we last w...

University, Anime, A Supposedly Fun Thing

Katanagatari... Oh yea and first day back

by Alan Wen

Burwood — Hmm I guess I should explain the title. Well just finished Katanagatari yesterday and man it was awesome. Nothing like a good samurai tragedy to en the holidays. Oh yea today was Welcome Back day at ...

Creative writing, A Supposedly Fun Thing

The first night.

by Jenna Milliken

Wilmington — The next night. 11:15 p.m. She walked in but nobody noticed. She had bumped into someone on her way to put her stuff up who didn’t grant her the slightest acknowledgment; even though she’s sure she ...

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