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Here I am, in a low point, because I listened to someone else's advice

by Jette Fxx

Tallinn — Giving and taking advice is such a dangerous thing, because everyone has their own truth. Also the truth changes every day, if not every moment. This is why it’s super important for me to do whatever...

Design, Talks, advice

32 points for designers

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — From my rushed notes that night (cursing myself for not bringing a notebook; had to try to type them all up on my phone!) Sorry Daniel, spoilers for his future talks, I suppose! Also not verbatim. But...


My Socrates.

by hope mills

Seaside — I flew across the country to sit at his feet. That night we talked of ecotones. That delicate space, a transition area between two ecological communities—the most interesting place for a character to ...

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