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Airport, Travel, Queue

Airports are amazing!

by Paul B

Mexico city — Airports are amazing because they are filled to capacity with stories everywhere you look. Stories that are shared via a persons facial expressions or body language. I like to play a game called “Guess The Nationality” while waiting to catch a flight. You realise how much information we share with others without realising. Hairstyles, fashions, different ways we walk, the way we queue for things. ...

Airport, Traveling, Maps

Face direction of travel

by Nelson Harst

New york — I looked up from my phone long enough to see the doors slip shut at Howard Beach. I was a bit dazed, having just accidentally bought an antique map of Borneo. Ever since the A-Train emerged from unde...

Train, Travel, Airport

Those who love me can take the train

by Etaoin Shrdluc

Stuttgart — David Franca Mences wrote a wonderful and very inspiring text on the meaning of being and the possibility of reinventing oneself in airports 1. Considering myself as an ”Airport People” according to ...

Holidays, Airport, birthday

Touching the fence is legal right?

by Alan Wen

La perouse — Well ignoring the fact that I was already home by this one… Went to Brighton again. Not only there but Botany too. Let’s rewind a bit I guess. Well was visiting my grandparents yesterday… Had som...

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