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sea, alone, Beach


by David Wade Chambers

Dana point — The full picture depicts three patches of solitude: the couple on the beach, the boat on the sea, and the photographer on the hillside above.

Food, alone, New York City


by Maria Sipin

New york — “Table for one, please.” There are hungry urban adventurers who prefer dining alone. The perks include shorter wait times for getting seated, fewer distractions for practicing mindfulness with every b...

wife, husband, alone

By April I knew the year was over

by cgerben

Smyrna — By April I knew the year was over. No matter what came from then on, there was nothing that would stop me from toasting, once again, on New Year’s Eve to good riddance to the previous year. My wife ...

Thoughts, alone, worldwide

When I get my own apartment... I'll be damned sure to get a view of a crowded street and plenty of city lights (Buy a night light) 

by Anja Bryant

Stockholm — I have a tendency to feel so very alone in this world. I need that constant reminder that there are other people out there. Who also feel alone sometimes, and that that’s totally okay. Just don’t drow...

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