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"You know this story of yours might be a homecoming."

by Daniel Milnor

Tie siding — This idea was presenting to me by a friend and fellow photographer after we overlapped on our current projects. My current project IS a homecoming, and each and every time I bring my camera to eye I can sense and sometimes feel the influence of my father. He’s out there somewhere. Sometimes he plays tricks on me. (The hummingbird thing..I know that was you padre.) The short of it is I miss the ol...

road trip, america

Day 3 - Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana

by Judson Duryea

Lafayette — Only 10 hours of driving today so I woke up late, got breakfast and set out on the road. 680 miles later I am staying with my friend Ricky a grad student at Purdue University. Today’s highlights were...

america, The West, Life

My beginnings in The West

by Daniel Milnor

Tie siding — Tie Siding, Wyoming 1975. As a young boy I was fascinated by the American West. My father was a rancher, so my summers were spent in rural Wyoming doing the jobs I was physically capable of; things li...

america, Holiday

America in a sentence

by Nicole Zhu

Chicago — What is America to you? We’d been living overseas for the last few years, but often came back to Illinois for holidays and summer vacations. We soon decided to buy a house in a quiet Chicago suburb. ...

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