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See ya later spacemaids

by Alan Wen

Rosehill — Going to be one of my last posts on the site so decided to put a little more effort into this one, best way of doing that? Writing a little more descriptively so bear with the longer post. Went to Smash! today (yesterday). Public transport was a pain, had track work this weekend. Ended up working for about an hour to modify my tracksuit for my budget cosplay. Tried to make a Subaru cosplay from ...

University, Anime, A Supposedly Fun Thing

Katanagatari... Oh yea and first day back

by Alan Wen

Burwood — Hmm I guess I should explain the title. Well just finished Katanagatari yesterday and man it was awesome. Nothing like a good samurai tragedy to en the holidays. Oh yea today was Welcome Back day at ...

#collegestudent, film, Anime

Nostalgia, Homecoming, The End.

by Bright Chen

Paddington — Emotions, feelings and our comprehension of the world around us are the groundworks of each individual’s existence. In many ways, I am a person who’s flawed, afraid of the world’s lingering shadows, q...

Holidays, games, Anime

I really am a man child

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — So spent a good part of today playing badminton with Tommy, Deved, DN and Vivian. Yes, I play badminton. What sort of self respecting China man doesn’t play badminton? Forgot how bad I was at it. A...

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