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archeology, relics, humanity


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — Some 30000 years ago, someone had something to say on the nature of mammoth. I once held a hand axe, 200000 years of age, which had been found in the Sahara. What a strange moment that was. I couldn’t help wondering what they were like. Unfortunately the stone was mumbling in too low a voice.

Prose, archeology, nature


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Dietingen — We went to the crystal palace. We found all kinds of glimmering rocks, many of them beautiful enough to break our hearts. We thought some looked like frozen fire, others could almost be read as satell...

Vacation, mexico, archeology

Xmas day at Mayan ruins.

by Lia Pas

Tulum — Xmas morning. We set our alarms to wake us by 8am, figuring that if we get to the Tulum ruins by 9:30 we might be there before the tour buses arrive from Cancun. We were woken by a baby crying in the ...

archeology, Self-portrait, Jumping

Leaping above the birthplace of democracy

by Jonathon Reed

Rome — We wandered through the ruins of the Roman Forum, feeling the sun’s heat of antiquity among the chipped stone walls. The edge of the Farnese Gardens reached out above the city. Thousands of years of h...

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