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Around the house, Plants

Returned from where plants go to die!

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — My mother grew African Violets when I was a child. I remember how she fret over them. My father installed a shelf in an east window. There she set her violets to grow. She tended them and took such pr...

Around the house, home improvement, Friends with hammers

Afternoon mosaic.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — “Who is this?” she asks. “Springsteen.” “Right.” She continues gluing an anchor piece onto the crest of a wave. Unlike the most of the people I know in New York, these friends of mine own their ap...

Around the house

Big Purp is a beanbag chair.

by Matthew Amster-Burton

Seattle — Do all beanbag chairs have names? Are any beanbag chairs suitable for company? This one kicks around our living room, constantly repurposed. It’s needed a new cover since day two, and still hasn’t rec...

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