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Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

White guys in Asia

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — I spent some time living in Bangkok, arriving at the tail-end of a ‘red shirt’ revolution that predictably solved no problems and pockmarked the urban landscape with bullet holes. After Buenos Aires and Christchurch, I was excited to start building a new life in a new city; a place that was still mysterious, still a vague quantity. A place I had heard so much about, but of which I had very little...

Asia, Travel

I love Hong Kong.When I want to loose myself, when I want to find myself, I travel to HK...

by Didier LAHELY

Hong kong — I love Hong Kong. When I want to loose myself, when I want to find myself, I travel to HK… To be permanently surrounded by thousand of people, 24h/24 is a way to face the reality: humans are ants. ...

Building, Architecture, Travel

Straight from a comic book

by Colin Wright

Singapore — There’s something distinctive about the Parkview Square building. It’s fairly tall, first of all — weighing in at 24 stories high, it dwarfs many of the other buildings in the vicinity. But the heig...

Web, Internet, Malaysia

Life's stagehands

by Colin Wright

Butterworth — We live in a world where just about anyone can take center-stage at any time. You don’t even have to plan for it, sometimes; upload the wrong (right?) photo, and boom, you could become a meme overnig...

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