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Culture, Identity, Youth

The Sweep

by Carla D

Willoughby — Throwing cards down on the table always felt like love. He’d learnt the pleasure as a kid, eyes barely breaching the table top, sweat from the day’s toil swimming amongst cigarette fumes, paint-stripper wine, cries and interjections, the tally of points. He didn’t care then that he didn’t properly understand, he just loved watching shapes slapped down and swept away. Clubs, coins, cups, blades. T...

Australia, sea

The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends...

by Tanja P

Bermagui — Our home is girt by sea… except none of us know what girt is. (Refers to us being an island). After a long US trip, (SF, Florida up to NYC — via some fun places and ballgames) I was back on Austra...

Germany, Australia, history

German lessons at the Jewish Museum

by Pat Allan

Berlin — I first visited Berlin seven years ago in 2008. It was only for a week, but I left impressed with the city, and certain I’d visit again soon. Part of what impressed me was the frequent and public ackn...

Travel, Australia, Sydney

Finally made it into Sydney. It's been 3 months since I arrived Down Under, and now I've made my first trip outside of Victoria.

by Stephanie Liu

Sydney — Granted it’s not a vacation, actually here for a conference, but still really excited to see this city. Arrived at our hotel around 10pm and I couldn’t resist ordering room service on the company’s di...

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