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This could easily be the most beautiful place on earth I have ever seen!

by Peter Nacken

Cat hai district — Hạ Long Bay trip day 1 Saturday morning early wake up to be picked up at 7:30 and drive all the way to Hạ Long Bay across the murky, gray, drizzly north of Vietnam. We make a rest stop at a ‘stop over’ place, offering clean bathrooms, some snacky food and lots of touristy shopping opportunities. Very obviously a by-product of the Hạ Long Bay tourism success. When we arrive at the pier we are ama...

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Oh, alien home of my quiet breath; familiar still, all our quiet passings.

by Lora Rivera

Mount lemmon — You ask, Where is home? I tell you, I have traveled and uprooted the comforts of place and food, left the casual confines of cohabitation and of marital security, disabused my body of habits of though...

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When clouds part

by Max T

East — Turning thirty surprised me. A yearly re-iteration of my birth day often comes and goes without special acknowledgement. A small and simple gathering of a special few is more than enough to satisfy m...

Back to Nature

The Art of Doing Nothing

by elen encina

Alfonso — Some mornings are perfect for a reason. This was one of those. I woke up wrapped in clean white sheets to the mellow chirping of birds outside our window and the soothing sound of flowing water. These...

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