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Friends, Drinks, bars

Small bars are cosier.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — After a sweet walk through Mushashikoyama with some friends, we ended in this small izakaya where they had strange tables: two levels. You could drink standing and sitting. The sitting stand was funny and cozy. But we might have done something wrong. Maybe the lower level was meant for your bags. Or, as we saw when some other guests arrived, to have your dog sleeping there… Oh well, we had a goo...


The Bar Faerie Alights

by Ben Dimagmaliw

Tokyo — A gathering of filmmakers went on into the wee hours at this cozy izakaya in Asagaya. We were the only people left as last order for drinks was proclaimed. Just then a few regulars straggled in and on...

bars, Kichijoji, City walks

Sunday Afternoon Silhouettes

by Ben Dimagmaliw

Musashino — On a Sunday afternoon in Kichijouji, down a crowded side street leading to Inokashira Park I came upon a quaint, Parisian-style bar & cafe. Outside, there were a number of small, round tables unde...

bars, technology, poverty

The counter is massive. Its scarred face gleams in the soft yellow light of the chandelier above.

by Dan W

Baltimore — A fireplace, set in the same marble as the counter, dominates the back of the room and the hundreds of bottles clustered on it and around it glitter in the semi-darkness. Above, stretching to the high...

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