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This is where I travel these days.

by Marlon Jones

Taunton — I few years ago, I thought there was no baseball in the UK, but in fact, even in our area of the South West, there are a handful of fields of varying levels of refinement. We have our own pitching mound, which is a bit too soft and crumbly, but improving with time. There aren’t basepaths, but we affix bases with stakes in the ground, and it works. Once or twice a week, I make the trip West to p...

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We've heard the cliché about an object that could tell its story.

by Marlon Jones

Sherborne — Sometimes, expertise can make an object speak about upheavals and historical moments. My glove has a more trivial value, as one of those objects that activates memory and habit to help us navigate ba...

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Taking In A Ball Game

by Dallas Sanders

Pittsburgh — In everything I have read, the best experience at PNC Park is to walk to the park and that is what I wanted to do. It is why I wanted to be at a hotel in the downtown area. It is kind of what I wanted...

Baseball, japan

Japanese Baseball

by Dallas Sanders

Nishinomiya — I have always really enjoyed watching baseball live as long as I was with some family or good friends. It was a chance to get caught up on our lives and what was going on in the world since the game m...

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