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Birthdays, City Life

Life ..

by Dani Z

San francisco — Tomorrow, I turn 32. The other day I went to a fitness class. The kind that is attended almost entirely by women and which has a certain aesthetic. It’s clean. Perfumed. Orderly. The exercises lack creativity but are high on repetition. They always make me feel as though I have gone there to perform a specific chore. Not gain a skill, not entertain myself, not play, not relax. I am there to exerc...

Birthdays, gratitude, Presence

No time for a big adventure on my 30th birthday. But learning more and more to savor the humble moments.

by Aaron Palabyab

Santa rosa city — It’s three in the afternoon and we’ve just finished lunch at my brother’s house, two hours away from the chaos of central Metro Manila where I live. I’m kicking back with my phone reading through gree...


Today was a good day

by Emanuel Rabina

Wellington — There’s often a point at some dinner or party that makes me look back on the rest of that event and think, “Yeah, this is a good night.” One recent example was at a ‘chocolate buffet dinner’ (which i...

Thoughts, Birthdays

29th birthday. It's like that movie said: Life's better with company.

by Aaron Palabyab

Dauin — “If you think about it, your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life, were you alone? …. Life’s better with company,”- Up in the Air.

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