Blue Skies

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#100HappyDays, summer, blue skies

Day 80 #100happydays: Brilliant blue

by So-Shan Au

London — Brilliant blue skies today, without a cloud in the sky. Making the most of the weather with some lunchtime sunbathing in Inner Temple Gardens. And spotted a drone flying overhead, so my sunbathing has...

blue skies, Color

The Memory of Color: Sky, Grass (and Skin)

by Tanja P

Brixen — Hi. When it comes to color, we apparently have what’s termed ‘poor color memory’ (citations to follow). We can’t accurately pick a color again after seeing it. Read: Good luck getting your wall the s...

Architecture, chimney, blue skies

Croydon 'B' Power Station chimney

by So-Shan Au

Croydon — The rest of the power station was demolished in 1991 and an IKEA store was opened on the site. A beautiful sunny day, sharp blue skies, with just a whisper of a cloud. And I ended up spending a fort...

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