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Travel, Goodbyes, blues

the goodbye blues

by Hedaya Kelani

Sugar land — On the 17th of August, when the sun could be seen at the edge of the horizon and all of our suitcases had been packed, we made our way out to the front of the family apartment. I never liked goodbyes....

blues, Moods

It'll be all right

by Sanna Karlsson

Amsterdam — I was in Amsterdam last spring, suitably suffering from some Amsterdam blues (unexplainable melancholic mindset completely unrelated to illegal substances, mind you.) when we walked into a narrow pub ...

nature, Melancholy, blues

Cure for the season changing?

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I set Mozart’s Divertimento no 17 on repeat and cranked the volume up a bit higher than is perhaps polite in an apartment building. I poured a glass of Black Wine from Argentina, hoping a saying from ...

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