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Do you find coolness in sad things?

by Roselle Perez

Saint ives — The man who owns this bookshop was calmly sitting in a semi-lit corner, surrounded by sketches, holding his vintage radio. It was cool in a casual way, but there was something especially poignant abou...

writing, Books, Bookshops

The whereabouts of a book

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — It took me a long time to publish my first book. It’s funny because I’m a professional writer and above all I have always been a reader, an avid one, and books, more than movies, TV, plays, books defi...

travel writing, Bookshops

The Great Unbundling

by Robin Rendle

Amsterdam — Somehow I’ve found myself in a room bustling with all the languages of Europe—they’re mixing out in the dusty air around me; Dutch and German, Greek and French, others are arguing in Romanian (or perh...

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