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Junkudo proves people are compelled to read books.

by Sho Matsuki

Tokyo — Once a month, right after the payday, tons of people stand in line at Junkudo, my trusty bookstore in Ikebukuro. They have to wait at least 15 minutes. This isn’t a weird ritual. They just want books. Despite of cool ubiquitous technologies, people still read real books.

literature, Bookstore, The Sixties

Big Table

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Last week, as part of a drive to downsize my library and de-clutter my life, I threw the above issue of Big Table into the waste bin. For many people who value ‘the life of the mind,’ as it was once ...

Bookstore, Prose

"May I help you?" the proprietor asked, startling me, making me freeze in mid-spin.

by Timi Siytangco

Fitzroy — I was a bit embarrassed. The owner of Books for Cooks was looking at me, and the iPhone in my hand, with a puzzled look on his face. He had caught me taking a panorama shot of his bookshelves. Who doe...

Comic Books, magic, Cards

All you need to know about my childhood

by Colin Wright

Columbia — Life is cyclical. I was in the gifted program as a child, and all of the students (and teachers) played a collectible card game called Magic: The Gathering. I snagged a deck, learned to play, and end...

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