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moving, Boston, Boulder

The last of the box of 100 postcards, in the mail. So that they're all postmarked Boulder.

by Jessica Schilling

Boulder — I’ve been sending one of these every weekday to the same man for the better part of a year - taking a break at some part of my work day to draw one out of the box in my desk drawer, pen a silly little...

Boulder, moving, Boston

This is what a bicycle looks like when flipped upside down and wrapped up in furniture pads.

by Jessica Schilling

Boulder — It’s sitting next to the empty space where Gary the Mover will return shortly with my second of two U-haul storage boxes. Because Boston. I’m moving east!

Boulder, Libraries

Entering here the timeless fellowship of the human spirit. Norlin Library, University of Colorado Boulder.

by Jessica Schilling

Boulder — This started out as a silly selfie texted to my dad, whose PhD dissertation (chemistry) is in the stacks at Norlin. My own thesis is somewhere in the depths of the music library a few buildings away, ...

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