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This is an alley where one of the victims of Jack the Ripper was found over a hundred years ago.

by Ashleigh Skelton

Brandon — We were told that if a picture was taken at night, the ghost of the victim could be seen in the photograph. I don’t see it.


We took in a stray kitten last year. He has the most peculiar mannerisms such as sleeping at the sink.

by Barb Manko

Brandon — There is no greater joy than taking a stray animal and giving it a forever home. Strays love in way that is incomparable with any other animal, I think they know you gave them a chance at love that no...

brandonstoryclass, Brandon Story Class

A save place to hide.

by Barbara Shaw-Ings

The pas — this spider was hiding from the song birds in the chokecherry tree. It was also cleaning up the aphids that were on the roses.

Brandon Story Class, brandonstoryclass, nature

Cedar Waxwings getting ready for their first flight.

by Barb Manko

Brandon — This past spring we had a really bad storm move through our area and a pair of Cedar Waxwings sought refuge in our apple tree. We have never seen had these birds in our yard before. They built a nest ...

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