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by Cassie Marketos

Berlin — “Being alone lets you develop, become strange, be mad. If to be with people is to be socialized, to submit your rough edges to the whetstone of others’ desires, to be asocial is to be ragged and, thus, original.” — Susan Sontag “It’s July of 1966, and she is at a hotel. She drinks her coffee, eats “two boiled eggs, Prague ham, [a] roll with honey,” and finds herself content for the first time in ...

Food, Canada, Breakfast

Japanese risotto for breakfast. by life partner

by Ali

Quebec — Days that start with -12°c are called beautiful days in Quebec city. Temperature drops down to -25°c sometimes. Being born and raised in the sunny Morocco, I am not used to check the weather forecast,...

Breakfast, Food

This is what breakfast looks like.

by Sam Johnstone

Toronto — One bun, halved. Avocado spread. Sriracha. Two eggs. This is the perfect breakfast.

#100HappyDays, Balcony garden, Breakfast

Day 50 #100happydays: Halfway point

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — It’s the halfway point for my 100 happy days project so the perfect opportunity to reflect on it. I’m enjoying taking a picture a day. It makes me mindful and present of my environment and surrounding...

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