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Brooklyn, Parks

Sitting near Wisdom and Felicity. 

by Kristen Taylor

New york — There is an inexorable force that pulls me into the oval. Placed here in 1866 by Calvert Vaux, before the memorial arch of soldiers and sailors crowned with Lady Columbia on her chariot, before the Art Deco public library across the street built to look like an open book, this planned oval introduces Prospect Park. Five years in Brooklyn, four apartments, and so many neighborhood walks later, I f...

Brooklyn, Eating Outdoors, Sunrays

Grilling, again.

by Craig Mod

New york — There was talk of poopies and pee-pee and farts. We ate seaweed and it made me think about how I grew up not eating seaweed. Grew up with Oscar Meyer’s Bologna and Spaghetti-Os. The first time I eve...

Brooklyn, gowanus, lost

Lost In Brooklyn

by Danielle Ellen

New york — I lost my way coming out the Carroll Street station and a couple of wrong turns later I found myself by this canal wondering where the heck I was. Turns out 3rd Street is not the same as 3rd Ave—some...

New York, Brooklyn

When you've been out west, in high desert long enough, the city's humidity feels tropical, exciting.

by Sara Distin

Flushing — It felt that way when you first moved there, not used to the humidity, and certainly, not used to the summer’s heat. Then you were so enamored with all the people everywhere, sweating and sticky too. ...

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