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Brooklyn Beta


by Chris Palmieri

New york — One of many brilliant little decisions made by Chris and Cameron, that give Brooklyn Beta its legendarily friendly vibe. As a newcomer to the American conference circuit, I’m intrigued by BB’s hypothe...

Brooklyn Beta

It's all about you.

by celine semaan vernon

New york — It’s about you. In fact, it’s all about you. What you do, why you do it? Do you love it? Are you afraid? It’s all about you meeting me, telling you about what I did and what I do. I’ll maybe tell you...

Brooklyn Beta

In the sky above union square lives a photographer who specializes in superheros.

by Alan Williams

New york — When people sell New York City, they wax about the public spaces, the energy, the bustle. It’s all street scenes and Rhapsody in Blue. But every time I pass through I find myself most fascinated by th...

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