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A friend came by to say "Hello."

by Avren Keating

Tracy — I walked into “Barista’s” this morning, a coffee shop in Tracy that I essentially lived in for about a year and a half. The seating is kind of tight along the walls, and I had to squeeze past a couple of older, biker-looking men to get to my spot. “Sorry, dude, do you have enough room?” one asked me as he shifted a little bit in his seat. “Ah, it’s fine,” I said, waving my hands. This gesture m...

Breakfast, cafe, liverpool


by Paul B

Liverpool — Enjoying breakfast at Duke st Espresso 😄, cafe

Just learning about right now, at Arbor Cafe, on reading about its archiving and closing. Impressed, but sad.

by Nick Doty

Oakland — I’m sitting in the cafe, as I often do, drinking a coffee and reading the Internet instead of doing my proper work. There are dozens of others around me doing the same thing, munching on a sandwich, s...

pudding, cafe

sippo(四歩) of Mitaka "Mitaka pudding"

by Shoichi Kokeguchi

Mitaka — “sippo” props general store and cafe Mitaka “Mitaka pudding” “sippo” small thrift store

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