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Pico Iyer talked last year at the Singapore Writers Festival about how one could have travel experiences even within one's own city simply by going to a new neighborhood.

by Peter Morgan

Singapore — I was in an air-conditioned taxi talking to a colleague and only dimly aware of where we were. Suddenly I knew we were close to where I was going to get out and could easily walk whereas the driver would have to navigate a series of one-way streets. When I stepped out of the air conditioned cab and onto the curb suddenly I was surrounded by office workers all, it seemed to me, cheerfully having l...

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Halloween - the only thing other than drag shows and Vegas that fuels the cheetah-print economy.

by Allan Lazenby

Greenville — This year, I decided that I’d finally had enough of sitting at home on Halloween. It felt odd to make that a conscious decision. I definitely didn’t make a conscious effort to sit on my ass, eat can...

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Starbucks and a Kindle..

by Josef K

Singapore — Sat in our old Starbucks choosing the next book to read. This was never a time to read but a time to catch up. I miss her.

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Café spying again

by Sanna Karlsson

Örebro — Café spying again. Going out on your own is under-estimated. By changing scenery, you escape the old buzz from your old thoughts, and by being alone, you escape the buzz of others. Plus, as I’ve said ...

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