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Life is too short to have bad coffee.

by Christine Herrin

City of pasig — Or so it says on the chalk board in front of me. I sample their cappuccino—good, the only thing keeping it from being truly “epic” (what the cafe calls itself) is the fact that they used chocolate syrup (que horror!) to draw out a pretty pattern on the foam. I’ve been gone too long. But definitely not complaining about all these third wave coffee shops opening in Manila. More, please!

cafes, Coffee

Rain outside. Coffee inside. Polished wood and exposed beams. Burr grinders, steaming espresso machines, and gleaming glass slow-drip apparatus.

by Anton Skaugset

Portland — Rain outside. Coffee inside. The shop is a warm oasis of polished wood and exposed beams; of burr grinders, steaming espresso machines, and gleaming glass slow-drip apparatus. Professionals, hipsters...

appearances, cafes

"Ooh I like your glasses!"

by Stephen Scott

Melbourne — Nothing profound happening here. Just the simple pleasure of receiving an unsolicited compliment from a stranger. Well, let’s be realistic here — the compliment was rather directed at my eyewear and n...

cafes, Cities

Sitting here in a cafe on campus and decided to try out Hi on a whim. I am fascinated by cafe culture here and how it's being imported and adapted.

by Justin Hudgins

Chengdu — The first thing to notice after you approach the counter is selection; the most “plain” thing you can order outside a chain like Starbucks is an espresso or americano (neither really my cup of tea), w...

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