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Cake, Baking, skydiving

Skydiving cake!

by Paul B

Liverpool β€” One of my friends wife did a charity sky dive, she also makes amazing cakes! To thank her backers she made this great skydiving themed cake πŸ˜„

birthday, Cake

It was my friend's birthday and I make a funny cake.

by Isabelle Luna

Fethiye β€” Actually I have three friends with this birthday. This particular friend, Klas, is an eccentric swede currently obsessed with wild plants and seeds. So I baked a lemon poppyseed pound cake with gorge...

Church, Mass, Cake

Tacky cakes > Communion wafers

by Colin Wright

Columbia β€” I was raised Catholic. Any time I tell someone that, I can feel them thinking, β€œAnd what are you now?” Because it’s understood that very few people raised within The Church stay with The Church becau...

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