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Art, Typography, Calligraphy

The shadow of the past

by Abhishek L

Bangalore — One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. It all started, about 3 years ago, with a swash (the typographic kind) from a Don Qui...

Calligraphy, Typography, Japanese

The practice is all that remains.

by Chris Palmieri

Tokyo — I remember a strong separation between practice and performance. Practice was private and ephemeral — the place you made all of your discoveries and mistakes. Performance was planned, shared, capture...

Letters, Type, Calligraphy

Learning letters

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — The teacher passes by to look at my work. “Oh, I like that one! You’re doing well,” she says, pointing to the V on the second line. She must’ve forgotten that it was the sample V she had written out ...

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