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Snow, Winter, Camping

Snow fixed abode

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Westerheim — We met winter at a place thirty minutes from home, and man, was he in good shape. Still not done decorating: an icicle here, a snowbank there. He presented us with some interesting questions. How did it feel living in that caravan? What was the combined weight of snow in all of Germany right at that moment? We had a great time guessing. Winter put some pictures in my camera and sent us home. He sa...

fun, Camping, circus tent

One with the steppe.

by Sam Wolinski

Ulaanbaatar — After months of being teased by the tent master with invitations to set up Waldo the circus tent (while I was stuck in the desert), I finally got the chance at an end of summer party thrown by a frien...

night, stars, Camping

Sleeping under the Milky Way

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — We spread out the tarps to the light of the flashlights, zipped up our sleeping bags and lay back, our backs against the ground and our hearts reaching out to the stars. We saw four shooting stars, wa...

wildlife, Africa, Camping

Elephant Sands Lodge - Meet your fellow campers...

by Judson Duryea

Tutume — You know you are in for a treat when you have to sign an indemnity form before you even set up your tents. The lodge is not liable for any damages the elephants may cause. In the middle of the Kalah...

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