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Oh, Canada.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — As a Canadian living abroad I often find myself comparing Spain to Canada. It’s a tired, but irresistible conversation topic: I talk about what I like, what I miss and what I could live without. Depending on my mood I might say I miss cheap blueberries, but hate the snow; other times I romanticize the snow and the cold and depict Canada as some kind of fantastic northern wonderland. It is true t...

Food, Canada, Breakfast

Japanese risotto for breakfast. by life partner

by Ali

Quebec — Days that start with -12°c are called beautiful days in Quebec city. Temperature drops down to -25°c sometimes. Being born and raised in the sunny Morocco, I am not used to check the weather forecast,...

nostalgia, Canada, Travel

Nostalgia; a Silent Killer

by Victoria Wells

Saskatoon — A year ago, my claim to fame was my inexperience. I had never seen an airplane up close, and I’d never been on a trip. My best friend, HG, took me on my first trip out of the province. We caught a fli...

Dinner, Canada, Pizza

If you ask me how to be happy in your life ?I would answer: buy a wood oven pizza...

by Ali

Quebec — more ? scroll down…

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