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And so our lives have been changed

by Claudine Rodriguez

Makati — I don’t think I’ve ever legitimately owned a pet in my life. I had Mark the Goldfish when I was in third grade, but he never stayed for long. We put him in one of those expensive glass pitchers because we only had a tiny bit of space on the TV table in the living room, so it had to be something cylindrical and vertically spacious. Mark lasted only for a week. And he never really made any sounds s...

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Less than a thousand hours in the Thousand Islands with my friend John and his cat Luna Propofol.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — I have visited this place and these friends almost every year for the past twenty or so, even though I live ten thousand miles away. This kind of travel, going back and back, is very different from t...


my second cat. Toby

by Liz See

Singapore — I got him this year and he was from Australia. Unlike Hector, he was playful,energetic an VERY loud. He is a daddy’s boy. He always wait for my dad to come home from work.He sometimes can be a little ...

pets, cats, In the Dark

cat sitting

by Daniel Chow

Jersey city — i know she is plotting something. we have been staring at each other for at least an hour. alas, i blinked, and for a brief scary moment i thought i was doomed. the stare-down continues.

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