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Embrace the Wetness

by Ricardo Magalhães

Chiang mai — The warnings about the dangers of the Songkran, the Buddhist New Year’s celebrations, were everywhere in Thailand. “Protect your valuables, cover your backpack, wear protective eyewear.” While reading these warnings make it seem like you’re going to get robbed and punched in the face for a few days, what really happens during Songkran is that you get sprayed with water. Lots and lots of water. F...

Celebration, Halloween

As far as I can trace them, many of my ancestors were the fierce Ulster Scots, who later became the Scots-Irish and settled in Appalachia.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — The Celtic harvest festival Sawhain that begins at sunset tonight halved their year, and revelries around bonfires with apples and spirits played in a liminal space on this occasion of ushering out th...

nature, Celebration, Dawn

The Dawn of Thanksgiving

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — Before sunup, just after first light, I walked to the water to share the dawn of this Thanksgiving Day with the mighty Lake Superior. Waves broke on the beach, a insistent wind blew lake smoke off the...

Celebration, Festival, City Traveler

Bandung Festival 204th

by AMYunus Mas

Bandung — That night was the 204th birthday of Bandung city. It was held at Dago street. I think the picture said much more than ‘it was so crowded’. Beside the stage at front, government also provided space a...

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