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Life, changes

Reflections from the passenger seat

by Connie Tsang

Woodstock — I think what life has taught me over the last few months is that things can change monumentally over a short period of time: health, family, friendships, love, wellbeing, travel, work, general plans. Each time I think I’m going in a certain direction, something bigger reminds me that I’m not always in charge and that I just have to accept that. And it’s this bigger thing — whether just another pe...

changes, hearing, Dialogue

Can you hear it?

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — Can you hear that? What? The crickets. The sound is almost deafening. It’s strange how it sneaks up on you, how one minute you think you sit in absolute silence, and the next you realise that you’re...

Wish, changes, Perspective

The Red Mail Van and the Black Car

by Ishita Doval

New delhi — I never quite understood the etymology of the process. Not that anyone offered an explanation in the first place; I simply took it as it came. The afternoon had become exceedingly hot, as two general...

changes, Life, Food

simplicity is a grilled cheese sandwich, happiness is a pumpkin bagel.

by líadan rí

Bodega bay — Once a week, I get a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of tomato soup, and a whiskey sour. Every day, if I have some extra cash, I get a pumpkin bagel with apple cinnamon smear from Noah’s. One of these ...

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