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There are a few perfect bartenders in this world, each one unlike the others.

by Jacob Nadal

Philadelphia — In this case, unlike any other at all. His affect was particular. Adrift, spaced-cadet, attuned to some ethereal broadcast unheard by the rest of us all; I do not know. His eyes were a light enough shade of blue to look astonished, his bartender blacks recently retrieved from what I would guess to be a fairly well-strewn apartment floor, and his dark hair was wet down in a way that suggested a rap...

Character Studies, Chance encounters

Today she wore a light and airy kimono. Her hair black like the bristles of a fine brush.

by Lester X

Yokohama — “It’s comfortable.” she enunciated, and smiled.

Character Studies

His arms and legs are frail.

by Lester X

Hakata-ku — His arms and legs are frail. The disproportionate width of his shoulders to the rest of his body could have reflected time spent in the swimming pool, but he has been opening and closing the steel lid...

Character Studies

She has also become sensitized to the way people pronounced her name.

by Lester X

Hakata-ku — She has also become sensitized to the way people pronounced her name. She had not realized how much this has bothered her here in her adopted home, where, while no matter how many people called her by...

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