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Under a canopy of Sakura — we capture — we reflect.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — Likely a reflection of my advancing age, but never have I been so aware of the passage of time than I have during my life here in Japan. The melting pot of seasonal American traditions get diluted between its coastlines and the temperamental weather, especially in the midwest, leads no season delineated. In Japan, seasons can change overnight. That change is celebrated and welcomed with a myriad ...

hanami, Cherry Blossoms

Wind and rain fighting over precious sakura petals and a chance to make us smile.

by Paul Baron

Tokyo — I smile as I snap the beautiful aftermath.

Cherry Blossoms, nature, Japanese

Nakameguro looking all majestic n' shit.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — ↓

movies, spring nature, Cherry Blossoms

All those moments will be lost in time... like sakura petals falling into the river

by Héctor García

Tokyo — I feel like throwing a paper unicorn to the Meguro river. And watch how it floats on the glittering water together with the sakura petals until it disappears into the darkness below the Nakamekoen Bri...

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