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Millenium Park, Chicago

Mahler's Resurrection Symphony

by Jannie L

Chicago — The Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra treated us to a rare performance of Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony at the Pritzker Pavilion tonight. O believe, You were not born for nothing! Have not for nothing, lived, suffered! What was created Must perish, What perished, rise again! Cease from trembling! Prepare yourself to live! O Pain, You piercer of all things, From you, I have been...

Chicago, home

A connection revisited

by Jannie L

Chicago — Sometimes when you meet someone, you’re not ready for it. Or they’re not ready for you. Then perhaps you cross paths again, at another point in time, in another location. And this time you’re able to ...

Chicago, chicago green space

Spring, just for today though

by Jannie L

Chicago — I managed to make it outdoors today to enjoy a little sunshine and balmy temperatures. Just yesterday, I spotted people wearing down jackets. I probably will again tomorrow. Spring is always such a fi...

Public Spaces, Chicago, Chinatown

Industrial might

by Jason Kalin

Chicago — The 195 ft. bridge near Ping Tom Park. Chicago at its finest.

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